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Our Vision

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In the most invested and government- developed region (West Kowloon) in this decade, Austin (Kowloon) is having a whole new innovation geographically. Regardless of the shops and restaurants around improving in standards and widening in ranges; an observable scene of multi- nationalization is the fact too.


To cope with the market needs, Blossom nail and beauty, is opening its door just in time, pledging itself to cope with the nail and beauty needs. And not to forget the services offered including the ingredients that we apply to every single client are non-harmful and healthily products to get your nails fashionably dressed with the best health concern.

From the day we launched since 2013, we are widely featured in local print and digital media. Our word-of-mouth has even broaden to social media influencers. To sustain brand awareness is never easy, with which we pledge to work even harder to manage brand assurance.