By addressing all type of skin concern of our fragile hands and nails, "Blossom" imported great variety of hand and nail products. From cuticle oils, to vitamin nail polish; from elbow essences to home spa for hands and feet.  

Our offering is regularly updated, to ensure our curates can shop the greatest ranges and diversity,for hands and nails, even with toe-care items. Patronages feed-backed us our possible evolving product lists, which drives our shop to include skincare products, vegan items and event supplements.

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Hand/Toe to Shine

'Blossom'  brought to you Pro Home Spa Kit for Hand and Toe. Organic Ingredients infusion in each pro home spa kits, popular brands include, nailtique, BCL, Spa organic.

HK Exclusive

Less is More

Organic ingredient based Hand and Nail protection leveraging best sanitizing functions, we now have brand in fame: Top Australia -Bondiwash, Top UK - Evolve Organic, Top UK- Dead-sea spa Magik

HK Exclusive

Tint your nails

Best home nail tinting pack, ranging from professional nail polis brand GELII, essie, to some niche brands. Pop up to our kowloon store and shop. 



Import skincare, originated from poland, france, united kingdom


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We offer numerous and counting hong kong exclusive items 


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All time fav. 50+ different functional products for hand and nail care



We stocked Covid-19 necessities and offer instant market needs



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Just In! Bondi Wash, limited stock is avaliable

Overwhelming needs on natural hand wash, spray and sanitizing items, Blossom has stocked Bondi Wash now. Check out our store to shop.


UK Top deadsea spa brand - Deadsea Spa Magik is perfect for drying hands and body

UK top spa magik, delivers rich mineral benefits for skin, which possesses anti-bateria function as well as strengthing skin's barrier + lock-down moiturization. 


Evovle, organic UK media's recommendation

Blossom is excited to announce our new endorsement with UK top organic brand, Evolve. Evolve offers wide range of hand and body products. These are designed to nourish and clean your hands with a mix of natural extract to cleanse your skin, organic butters to moisturise and essential oils to fragrance.